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~♥~L●lita styles~♥~

♥Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita, sometimes called Goth-Loli (ゴスロリ, gosu rori) is one of the most popular Lolita styles. Gothic Lolita combines the doll-like charm of Lolita with dark colors and themes (Such as cross motifs, etc.) akin to western goth fashion. The result, A beautiful Gothic doll who embodies the childish charm of a Lolita as well as a dark and fascinating elegance. This style may take some practice to perfect, but the effect is well worth the effort.

Gothic Lolita is a popular style for ladies who are new to Lolita, because it's generally easier finding shops that sell Gothic accessories around where you live. And because it's easy to coordinator a Gothic Lolita outfit, due to the classic goth-loli White-black color scheme (though Gothic Lolita can be made up of other colors as well.) Other accessories in the Gothic Lolita style include purses in shapes like bats, coffins, and crucifixes.

Below are some examples of Gothic Lolita fashion

♥Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita, also known as ama-loli (甘ロリ, ama rori) is the most child-like of the Lolita styles. It involves sweet motifs (such as fruits, desserts, fairy-tales, and Alice in Wonderland.) The color scheme for sweet Lolita is pretty simple, just keep it sweet! for this kawaii look, Pastels are perfect!

Popular accessories for a sweet Lolita sometimes include things like teddy-bears, dolls, fruit/dessert themed jewelry, and anything that will exemplify the sweetness of the style.
Below are some examples of Sweet Lolita style fashion

♥Classic Lolita

Classic Lolita is more mature than it's sweet and Gothic counterparts. Generally, it involves less lace, ruffles, and frills. Unlike sweet Lolita whose point is to be as cute as possible, classic Lolitas aim at looking classy. Classic Lolita takes much of it's inspiration from the floral patterns, and color schemes of the Victorian era; Bright and bold colors don't normally have a place in Classic Lolita fashion.

Below are some examples of Classic Lolita fashion

♥Hime Lolita (Princess Lolita)

Hime Lolita (or Princess Lolita)is the most Rococo inspired style of Lolita. And(much like the era it was inspired by) is full of uncontrolled exuberance. It's usually accompanied by a small crown, or tiara. Sweet Lolita and Hime Lolita have a lot of similarities, the best way to tell the difference between the two is actually by the accessories and the hairstyle of the wearer, rather than by the actual clothes. Big, elegant, and often rococo style hair suits hime Lolita very well.

Below are some examples of Hime Lolita fashion

♥Wa Lolita (Japanese Kimono/yukata Style Lolita)

Wa Lolita is a combination of Lolita fashion and the  Japanese Kimono/yukata. It often has very long 'sobe'(Sleeves) and 'obi' (Sashes) as well as very extravagant fabric. While it closely resembles traditional Japanese clothing, it holds on to it's Lolita charm with  adorable platform MaryJanes, and the classic Bell-shaped dresses/skirts Lolita is so well known for.

Below are some examples of wa Lolita fashion

♥Qi Lolita (Traditional Chinese Style Lolita)

Qi-lolita is like the Chinese version of Wa-Lolita. The difference lies in the wearing of traditional Chinese clothing, like the Qipao.
The blend of traditional Chinese style clothing with the Lolita bell-shape, makes for a very pretty and unique style.

Below is an example of Qi Lolita fashion (It's hard to find pics for this style.)

♥EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat)

While EGA isn't really a sub-style of Lolita, it is often coupled with Lolita fashion. And both styles share themes of elegance and class. In Japan, this fashion is actually called "elegant Gothic". EGA is a western term for this fashion, and most likely started because of Mana-sama's clothing brand Moi-même-Moitié, which features two lines of designs. One named Elegant Gothic Lolita (clothing aimed at ladies) and the other, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (aimed at gentlemen). Square-shaped skirts and dresses are very common in this style. And the color scheme is very dark. Common symbols include crucifixes and Christian imagery, as well as skulls and roses.

Below are some examples of EGA fashion

♥EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita)

EGL,(Elegant Gothic Lolita)is a term used be Mana-sama to describe one of his two lines of clothing. Mana created his own clothing label, Moi-même-Moitié, which features two
lines of designs named Elegant Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. EGL are dresses and EGA are generally mens' clothing. EGL is NOT a general term for Gothic Lolita, it is only Mana-sama's style which can be bought at Moi-meme-Moitie.

Below is the link to Moi-même-Moitié's official website.
Below are some examples of EGA fashion

♥Sailor Lolita

Sailor Lolita is pretty much what it sounds like. It's Lolita with sailor style elements, (like Sailor collars, and the classic navy blue and white color scheme)along with Nautical motifs (Such as ship anchors etc.) Which Makes this the perfect style for nautical-natured lolitas!

♥Kuroi (Black Lolita)

Kuroi, or black Lolita is a lot like other Lolita styles, only it's all black. You might be wondering "what makes kuroi Lolita different from Gothic Lolita?" Well, Gothic Lolita isn't usually all black. Gothic Lolita fashion does involve a lot of black, but is generally full of ascent colors. While kuroi Lolita is all black, all the time.

Below are some examples of kuroi Lolita fashion

♥Shiroi (White Lolita)

Shiroi, or white Lolita is the exact opposite of kuroi Lolita, (meaning it's all white, all the time.)

Below are some examples of shiroi Lolita fashion

♥Country Lolita

Many people have a hard time distinguishing country Lolita from sweet Lolita. This is because country Lolita is derived from sweet Lolita, and they can share a very similar color scheme, (though country Lolita can also be much brighter and more bold). The best way to tell the difference is by the accessories, (things like straw hats and baskets, as well as fruit themes) and by the gingham patterns often used.

Below are some examples of Country Lolita fashion

♥Guro Lolita (Gore Lolita)

Guro Lolita portrays a 'broken-dolly' look, a gruesome yet innocent style of Lolita. It can include bandages, eye-patches, blood splatter, and other gory elements. But remember not to over do it. Gore Lolita is not a costume, it's a valid Lolita style. But this isn't really a sub-set that works great for tea parties and meet-ups.

Below is an example of Guro Lolita fashion
♥Punk Lolita

Punk lolita is one of the hardest styles to pull of. It really takes someone with a lot of knowledge to combine Lolita and punk style. It contains punk elements, like chains, plaid patterns, and studded belts, (as well as other punk accessories) But keeps a bell shape knee length skirt and often has girlie details like lace and bows.

Below is an example of punk Lolita fashion

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I'll cover more Boy-styles later.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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